The first in Japan Kanto area mobile DJ service

We will provide you the following 3 principles for the customer satisfactory

1)High powered, professional sound system will satisfy your needs for music.
2)Unique music production for each and every customer’s demand.
3)Reliability and kindness is our first priority. Comprehensible fee system is provided.

Powerful and very clear sound systems with great lighting performance are set to go for many different types of music genre. This system will change any place into a DISCO!

Business trip expense is free in Tokyo 23 district. Fixed charge setting:

By case its discountable. Please ask about price!

◇Providing DJ and Sound system for your party is our job.
Just because you do not know anybody to DJ nor have the great sound system, you do not have to give up to party anymore! Yes, you do not have to pay high price for the worthless people no more! We will solve your problem. With our high-quality service, we can provide you well experienced DJs. We will go to any place around Kanto-area, and give you the pleasure to party that you never experienced without any additional charge.
◇What’s the purpose of this project?
I myself personally used to live in the US back in the days. I went to the US just because I love the American music. I still remember the impressions to touch great music there. Thanks to the SOUL music that I got into so deep, I lived in New York for 5 years. I cannot forget the parties that I attended and decided to bring the flavor into Japan. I hope to provide the parties all around Japan in the near future. And for now, I am propelling this MOBILE DJ project with the “Music ties people together” theme in my mind.

How you use the MOBILE DJ is up to you. You can use the system for any use.

Everybody has own likes in music. We are all different, and so is the taste for the music. Situations and places to party is vary each time. What we do is to provide what you want for any situations. So, please do not hesitate to talk to us about your dream party.
You can talk to us for the parties
[Private] Birthday Party/ Wedding Party/ Sweet 16’s/ Bar and Batmitzvar
[Corporate] Company Events/ Public Events/ Promotions/ Holiday parties/ School Dance, etc.
Notes: Parties are set for 200 or less persons.

This is why you should choose MOBILE DJ service created by Soulpnuts Productions

Setting List

・Peavey 15inch speaker ×2 / 3 way / Program output 800W
・Sub-woofer 18inch / Max output1600W
・Behringer Power amp. / For the main speaker 950W・For Sub-woofer1300W
・American DJ CDJ Turn table、Microphone、Mic stand、Cables
・Fog machine、Mirror ball、Strobe lights、etc.

Price List

Moving fee is free within Tokyo 23 districts. We can go to YOKOTA base, ZAMA base, YOKOSUKA base and other bases (such as army facilities in IKEGO and SAGAMIHARA to name a few) We will charge you the parking fee if there is no free parking space around.

・Basic Charge Up to 3 hours.
A. Monday through Thursday
– Please Ask for Price –
B. Weekend or Holiday incl. Friday / Saturday / Sunday
– Please Ask for Price –
Business trip fee, sound system fee/Lighting fee, as well as transportation fee (within Tokyo 23 districts), and DJ fee are included.

How to order / How to pay

(1)Call us for the day available for your party.
(2)When the day is set, mail us your name, phone number, and e-mail address. We will send you the application form.
(3)Reservation is completed after you send us the fulfilled application form.
Reservation receipt telephone 080-4056-8188
E-mail address info@soulpnuts.jp
You can pay us through bank transfer or by cash beforehand.
Cancellation fees will apply according to the following schedule:
▲ Day of the party/A day before the party : 100% of the costs will be charged
▲ 2 days before the party: 50% of the costs will be charged
▲ 5 days before the party : 30% of the costs will be charged
As for the bank transfer, full refund will be applied when cancelled before 6 days from the reservation day. Please check the schedule before you order.

Payee’s bank account

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Ichikawa Branch (Branch number 700)
Now account 0146545
Account name Soulpnuts Productions

We’ll waiting for you to call!

Here’s few points to be checked before the contract

・Can we park the car?
We will have to charge you for the parking lot if we cannot park our car for free.
・Moving fee is free within Tokyo 23 districts. If the party will go on outside of Tokyo, ask for an additional charge.
・The system we provide is for up to 200 people. Please notify us if the party is for more than 200 people.
A.$420 Monday through Thursday
B.$520 Weekend or Holiday incl. Friday / Saturday / Sunday

Please ask about Price!
If you have any question, Call us or contact us in any business hours between 9:00 thru 21:00